Contract Premium VIP Group of Online Purchases

By signing this contract, I completely agree with everything stated in this document:

This document serves as a binding contract between Gabriel Barrandeguy, hereinafter referred to as "Entrepreneur", and CLIENT, hereinafter referred to as "Investor", Therefore both parties agree to the following conditions:

Article 1

The investor will contribute a minimum of $ 1000 to cover any cost of the products plus the shipping cost to where you have to send it. Payment will be made by Paypal / Western Union / Bitcoin / Zelle.

And the money deposited remains as a credit for future purchases. All prices mentioned will always be in US dollars.

Article 2

The investor must always have a balance in favor with the entrepreneur at least $ 300 (reserve) to cover any extra expense of shipments. This is in addition to the $ 1000 that will be used to purchase merchandise only. The money in reserve can not be used for purchases.

Article 3

The money provided by the investor will be used for the following aspects within the company and nothing else: only in the following platforms Techliquidators, Bstock, Liquidation network. The investor must provide the auction to bid to the employer through whatsapp. The employer will proceed to bid for the product provided that the client has sufficient funds in GABAK LLC according to article 1 and 2

Article 4

The investor agrees to pay the annual payment of $ 120 (group with standard response) or $ 1800 (group with a high priority response) through Paypal or for some of the means previously mentioned in article 1.

Article 5

Response time and auction bids, all notifications must be made by Whatsapp + 1-859-878-2615. The auction must be at most 12 hours before the end of the auction.

The URL (link of the auction) must be sent by Whatsapp with the maximum money willing to bid for the product. Then the entrepreneur will inform the investor if he won or lost the auction.

The employer can respond to the message within 12 hours of sending the message. In case of wanting to bid an emergency auction, the investor must call by phone at 1-859-878-2615 to advise about the auction.

Article 6

Exit of the investment group, in case the investor does not want to stay in the group, the $ 300 will be refunded together with any remaining balance of the purchases that have been made.

The $ 120 (group with standard response) or the $ 1800 (group with a high priority response) subscribers will not be returned to enter the purchasing group.

Article 7

The "Employer" will not be responsible for any damage problem (including, caused by any of the auction providers mentioned in this contract or any other supplier that the investor chooses, whether direct or indirect, special, incidental or indirect, for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption or similar).

Article 8

Codes of conduct in the WhatsApp group. Zero tolerance to insults, or any type of aggression or lack of respect to any member. In case there is a dispute between any of the members, it will be done directly between both of them outside the group. It is also not allowed to spam the group or try to sell anything in it, unless the employer has given written permission to do so only once.

Fail to follow any of the mentioned things the investor will be removed and there will be no refund of the membership money.

Article 9

Verification of the investor: the DNI or ID (type of identification) and a cell phone bill or some other type of service (electricity, gas, cable tv, etc) should be sent to [email protected] and by Whatsapp + 1-859 -878-2615

Article 10

Storage and verification of the products: The purchased products may be stored in the employer's facilities for a maximum of 10 days at no cost, after that time will charge about $ 10 per day for each day elapsed.

The entrepreneur can review the products for a cost of $ 60 per hour and send photos and video to the investor's Whatsapp.

Article 11

If you wish to buy a product for less than $ 1000 dollars, a fixed fee of $ 100 dollars will be charged, from the $ 1000 dollars onwards, 15% of the total purchase and shipping cost will be charged, the total will be billed and the invoice It will be sent electronically to the investor by mail and whatsapp.

Article 12

Immediate assistance: in case the investor needs an immediate response to be able to bid for any product, the cost of the annual payment will be $ 1800, in this case the investor will be given a new number of exclusive whatsapp for people VIP.

Article 13

PayPal commissions can be calculated so that the money reaches Gabriel in its entirety, so that you can calculate exactly how much money you can send you can access to:

Article 14

You must pay annual $ 120 (group with standard response) or $ 1800 (group with high priority response) dollars to stay in the group, if you want to cancel your subscription you must notify 30 days in advance and generate a ticket at: https: // requesting the cancellation, giving your contact information: Email, Phone with which you entered the group and proof of payment of the previous months, NO cancellations of subscriptions are made by external messages such as WhatsApp or email, only they are made through the ticket system.

Article 15

We can not keep track of all active people in the group, it is your own responsibility to notify (by any means possible: Email, Support ticket, new phone number) that you lost or changed your number so we can add you back to the group , claims for return of months already paid are not accepted if not notified at the same time of the loss.

Article 16

In the Standard Priority group the response time is within 12 hours. ($ 120 annual dollars).

In the priority group HIGH VIP, Gabriel's responses will be within 10 to 30 minutes during USA business hours, EDT, Eastern Daylight Time. ($ 1800 annual dollars).




You must pay 15% of the total value of the products you buy, the shipping cost is also at your expense.


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Signed by Gabriel Barrandeguy
Signed On: January 2, 2019

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