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Gabriel Barrandeguy
Gabriel BarrandeguyComputer Technician, Youtuber
Independence, Kentucky
Services and technology information

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Gabriel Barrandeguy

Computer technician

Independence, Kentucky

Services and information technologies

  • Computer Technician, IT Consulting, YouTuber.
  • We have a great team to provide technical support and clear doubts, trust us.
  • Manager at “Gabak Technologies” since March 1997.

My experience and education

Manager at “Gabak Technologies” March 1997 – March 2015 (18 years 1 month) Buenos Aires, Argentina.

logo Gabak Tech

Experience in maintenance and development of IT solutions in multiple companies. Both in Hardware and in software. Knowledge of electronics. Armed with Data Center, servers, LAN networks and wireless links (point to point and multipoint). Customized solutions. Armed with ISP and WISP (with Ubiquiti, Mikrotik and more technologies). Management of DOS, Windows, Linux, Mac. Management of personnel in charge and project leadership. Specialties: Armed networks, data centers, operating systems, team leader.

General computer maintenance to numerous companies and end users that include: data recovery, back-up systems, updates, diagnostic solutions, virus removal, and operating system.
Experience in point-to-point and multipoint bridge solutions between different buildings or a central tower and the receivers of small clients
Servers Set-up (Apache, PHP and FTP)
Maintenance and repair of Wi-Fi towers
established Wi-Fi hot spots (Cisco – Ubiquiti)
Installation, repair and maintenance of networks
Basic knowledge in web design
Remote assistance through networks that use: PCAnywhere, VNC, Admin, Ultra VNC, TeamViewer, and Remote Desktop
Technical support and user training for various programs
Ability to build desktop computers to meet the needs of end users
Ability to configure server equipment to meet the diverse needs of companies
Programming skills in Borland C ++ and Borland Pascal
Knowledge of DNS, DHCP, TCP / IP and other network protocols.
Full knowledge of: DOS, Windows (9x, NT, 2000, ME, XP, 7 and 8), Partition Magic, Corel Draw, Microsoft Office, Norton Commander, Deep Freeze, Apple iOS, OSX operating system, Android and Blackberry

Knowledge of web hosting, creation, email configuration, CPanel, and Google applications
Clients include: Embassy of Thailand; Embassy of Egypt; United Arab Emirates; and in the houses of the diplomats of the Embassy of the United States (all located in Argentina) several businesses, including retail establishments, medical field (doctors and hospitals), non-profit organizations.

Independent courses:

Windows server

Basic and advanced Linux

Final cut pro X

Audio visual

Linux College

Advanced Linux and security

Solution Box

Mikrotik basics

Installation and configuration of this router brand: Mikrotik


CTSS Certified Telrad System Specialist for LTE.

June 23 – 2016

Gabriel Barrandeguy-CTSS-Certified

School Fragata Libertad

Computer technician

Activities and associations: taekwondo and other classes on computers.

Institute of Specialized Teaching Rapid School of Computer Science

Computer repair.

gabriel-barrandeguy-Tecnico computadoras

Dot Zero

Final cut pro X, video editing



PBX and VOIP classes

PBX configuration and how to install them.


Gabak Technologies – Help desk and technical support to companies

I founded this company to provide technical support to end users and companies. I made a team to provide other services.
We offer various services such as: graphic design, web design, social media.

GabakUSA free computer training on Youtube channel 


August 2012

Classes Videos Tutorials about:
1- Repair: mobile phone, tablet, computers, monitors, TV.
2- Networking, installation by cable, wireless, theory and practice.
3- Product reviews and how to use them in the real world.

  1. English

    Very good
  2. Spanish

    Lengua Nativa, bilingüe

Linux, DataCenter, Networking, Hardware, Operating Systems, Servers, Windows, Wireless, Management, Leadership, Web Development, Business Strategy, Team Leadership, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server, Negotiation.

Language of the electronics that I use

Any device that can select the language, is in English, the reasons are several
1- the words are shorter so one can take better advantage of the screen and the words come complete, especially on small screens.
2- One does not have to worry about translations if they are done right or wrong. In English, most products are developed in that language and no possibility of misunderstanding.
3- If one has a problem or some error is easier to find a solution on the internet
4- Ideal for people who want to strengthen in the language.

Manual or automatic box in a vehicle?

My choice is automatic, since one is more relaxed when driving, and freer, the engine is never stopped by any bad change, one travels less tense when there is a lot of traffic.
And I am aware that I have a car and not a race car, there is no need to do strange things, for those who say they have more control over the car.

4 cylinders or v6?

v6 has a much better reaction especially when one is en route and you have to pass a truck.
Cruise control? If it is a detail that I intend for all cars and is essential, you can also travel more comfortable and especially on the road where you set the maximum speed allowed and one forgets fines and one has a constant speed to get where you want faster.
Those are my basic preferences of any vehicle.

Nutritional Organization

I try to eat all food that has a high PH. The meals are divided into acidic and alkaline. The alkaline keeps you healthy and the rest does not.


Eggs, some kind of proteins like meat (chicken, steer, salmon, lamb, pork). Fundamental to be able to quickly digest all protein and counteract the low PH of the meat when eating vegetables (lettuce, turnips). For seasoning use small chopped garlic and natural mustard without preservative. And he avoided the salt.
Ingesting proteins in the morning gives you much more energy that lasts for many more hours in contrast to the sweets or simple carbohydrates that are quickly consumed by the body, It also gives you a feeling of being satisfied for much longer.
The ideal is to eat every 3 hours to avoid being hungry and have a constant energy level.

With meals I do not drink, so I reserve the stomach space exclusively for food and as I mentioned earlier, the stomach can digest much faster. The myth that one needs to drink water to eat is not true, if one chews well the body has enough saliva to be able to swallow any food.

Lots of meals

Never eat portions larger than a closed fist.
The stomach of a normal human is the size of the fist, in case of eating more than that the stomach can be dilated up to 10 times its size.

If one does not want to have a big stomach and be paunchy I do not recommend passing that limit, the rest is gluttony.
When I go to restaurants in most cases the portions are very large, so I always ask for a box in which I can take the food to my house and have one or two more meals of the portion received.

If you like to eat one you can always eat it that way without stretching your stomach disproportionately. If one pays attention you will realize that one is filled with very little food.


Before eating anything you have to hydrate and clean your bladder.
Remember that one was sleeping for 8 hours and during that time the body did not hydrate. For that I drink 1 liter of water as soon as I get up and until I finish it I do not eat any food. Benefits:
1- the body hydrates and cleans the bladder of any toxin, when one urinates the ideal is to be transparent.
2 – the water is absorbed quickly and does not remain in the stomach, that way one does not dissolve the stomach acids when ingesting.

30 Minutes of audio bible (I recommend Biblical Trivia), broccoli, lettuce or spinach with walnuts, almonds, etc …

Lunches: can be complex carbohydrates, example:
Whole-grain rice, potato, gluten-free noodles, quinoa, amaranth, couscous, avocado.
Fundamental with any mentioned carbohydrate mix it with a good salad, which would be a neutral food, most of the vegetables can be mixed perfectly with protein or complex carbohydrates.
That way one has all the necessary enzymes to be able to digest more quickly.
The ideal is not to mix carbohydrates with proteins. The ideal mix is ​​carbohydrates with vegetables or proteins with vegetables.


No desserts, all that are sweet (simple carbohydrates) are quickly consumed by the body and usually have a low PH.
For example for the formation of caries is necessary, fuel (some form of carbohydrate) and an environment conducive to the activation of carbohydrates (an acidic environment) sweets.

Snack or snack

Cookies of rice spread with cream of peanut or chestnut of cashews, almonds.


It can be carbohydrates or proteins. Ideal before dinner take a liter of water and wait half an hour before eating.

Dance clubs or dance halls
In my life I have gone 3 or 4 times to these places, when you are 20 years old you do not have much experience and you follow the crowd and what the rest of the people do.
It’s the worst thing you can do, you never have to follow the crowd normally you always go the wrong way.

In those places one will find people who have no purpose in life and who also do not have a defined personality and who seek the approval of others to feel better.
The high volume of those places ruins the ears and is something that has no fix afterwards.
The cigarette does not lead to anything, more than to the premature destruction of the body.
Even if you do not smoke, you passively smoke for the people around you, the smoke has all kinds of toxins and lowers the oxygen level in the blood, damaging the tissue, the brain is affected because without the adequate amount of oxygen Nor can you think 100%.

Alcohol is not good either, most people take it just for the effects of it, and they have to stop being themselves to be able to talk with others, especially the opposite sex. One must always be in control of everything and not leave control to other substances.

Alcohol brings mental agility, kills neurons, over time it ruins your liver and other parts of the body, it dehydrates your muscles, it also has a low pH which brings health consequences by lowering the defenses.
The kind of people who go to those places, want to be out of control, be promiscuous and “have fun at the expense of their own health”

There are 3 types of people:
1- The one who says what happened?
2- The one who says what is happening?
3- The one who makes things happen.

Which of these people are you?

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