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Gabak Technologies, specializes in repairs, with over 10 years of experience in the market now. Our experience and expertise allow us to offer our customers a high quality service and reliability. Besides service repair and maintenance Monitors, Printers, Notebooks, Netbooks and PCs have other services.

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December 16, 2017

How to share quickly files and ideas for your website

If you want to share files or documents to make a website and give it an order, here I explain how to do it in OSX or Windows using dropbox and other tools.

April 25th, 2017|Websites|

Colaborarion with David Walsh Youtuber Certified

Interview with Dave Walsh, he will share with us 5 tips that will help you to increase your youtube channel and get more views and subscribers here it is the other part https://youtu.be/iZV6GSkZkNM

October 6th, 2016|Websites|

Youtube Play button for my channel it arrived today after a month

I explain what can you expect and how it is the process a little about getting the silver button Own it here http://amzn.to/291qUox

September 28th, 2016|Websites|

Guide about BMD production studio 4k for Youtube streams

If you have to live stream to Youtube or just record on your computer using multiple cameras, here I explain you all those things, so you know what to take in consideration before buying anything else. If you have a question please don't hesitate to ask me on the comment below.

September 28th, 2016|Cameras, Tools, Websites|

How to Youtube live stream with Vmix and Inogeni (4k & 1080p)

Here I explain how to live stream using Vmix and using other devices like Inogeni like input so you can connect all your cameras and make a live show

September 28th, 2016|Websites|